Sunday, 8 August 2010

introductions (part II)

Because I have been unsure about who I am addressing (if, in fact, I am addressing anyone), I have neglected to properly introduce myself. I haven't known what details are necessary, nor have I truly known what it is this blog is really for.

Perhaps now is a good time to discuss the basics.

I am an English student (meaning both that I am English, studying in England, and that I am studying English Literature).

I am in love.

I believe in language and in literature.

If I could take any career in which I feel I could whole-heartedly dedicate my life, it would be to write.*

And I guess this blog is a little journal for all the things that inspire, interest and enthral me.

(And this, below, is me. I am a massive crazy-golf-playing dork).

*I really, really do want to write.

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