Monday, 28 November 2011

a thought

I can't quite put my finger on it; can't quite find it's placing, but something about today was bittersweet.

Was it--is it?--because I see the end so clearly, now? Less than six months and this little run of academia will be over. It will be turned on its head; stored away; preserved in the pocket of my early, early twenties. And I still haven't ascertained how I feel about that. About whether or not I'll continue or whether this time will--first--freeze, then melt into the remaining phases of my life. But it's there. This want to catch every comfortable moment I can. This want to store and treasure and preserve those snatched conversations in seminar rooms and a (mostly) shared, and gripping, passion for a subject.

Just a thought.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #27.

Build a gingerbread house.

I am so excited about this that I might even make two this year.

(My I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by Someday Hopes. And the picture can be found here!)


Psst. I cannot even begin to think about how I am going to fit everything in over the next few weeks. I have reading to be done and essays to be written and presents to be made. (The latter is shaping up to be a ridiculous fantasy, I think). But I need to do these things well, and at the same time, I intend to soak up as much festive spirit as I can. I look forward to this time of year more than any other--but as I get older, I start seeing the stress of it. The pace and the speed of time. It's the same for everybody, right? How do you manage?

I hope to post festively as frequently as I can--maybe, just maybe, some holiday gift-guides!--and in the mean-time, you can always check out my holiday inspired Pinterest board.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

shelf space (II)

At the weekend, this happened:

But it's okay.

Because somewhere between the midnight of Saturday night and the lunchtime of Sunday morning, I found the time to do this:

That wall of books is so very nearly mine.

And I forgot just how cleansing it can be; to re-order and move and clean.

So now I sleep facing the window, instead of beside it. And now those little gaps in my shelves--the ones I have almost made purposeful--are a sure, sure reason to buy more books, no?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


I haven't been that in to blogging, lately. I haven't really felt that much into anything at all.

But I thought I'd do a little re-cap. (Like this!)


Wednesday afternoons, between 2 and 3pm, have been my constants. I get to place that big, barrow of worry somewhere tangible. And it's a little ropey, really; it's hurting a little more; frustrating patience I didn't believe I had. And sometimes it feels like it will take years--and sometimes it feels like that big, deep breath will clear it. But it's continuing. And throughout the rest of the week, I've been keeping my fingers crossed; hopeful that this might just be the week of progression.


Peppermint hot chocolates are my guilty, guilty pleasures.


I spend my reading time between Gothic horror novels and picture books. It's a questionable balance, I have to say.


I've been listening to the She and Him Christmas album. But hearing anything faintly 'holiday' brings me to tears if I'm in a shop.


My fears are developing; mutating; strengthening. And it's a little sad.


It's been wintry, here. So I'm thankful for my duvet and my increasing collection of woolly sweaters.


I've had a headache and a stomachache and a tiredness that I just can't seem to shake.


I've been avoiding yoga and I shouldn't be. I take a vow to commit to it, next week. (Again).


Family has been important and rallying. And I'm grateful--so very, very grateful--that my Dad was secure and safe because of it.


There is so much on at the cinema that I just want to see. This week I hope to see The Future. (Quite an apt sentence, if ever I saw one).

What have you been up to, lately?


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

the first of many

My first big (scary) batch of assignments are this close to being finished for the semester. There are two to follow a little before Christmas but I am so, so relieved these ones are over. I made the tasks more difficult for myself by choosing ridiculous topics (wordless picture books) or opting for the creative over the critical (I've pretty much trained my critical brain, and the creative one, the one that wants to prosper and thrive in this life, becomes terrified in the face of a numerical mark).

So. To round off the rest of the week, I'm looking forward to...

...tidying my large, large mess of a room...

...making caramel apples...

...riding a steam train!...

...doing a little vintage/antique shopping...

...baking pumpkin cupcakes...

...sewing (so many presents left to make!)...


...taking time to breathe and savour the season...

What is everyone else up to this week?

Monday, 7 November 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #26.

Adopt a kitty.

Like Nessie. She's a beauty.

(I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by Someday Hopes--a blog that cherishes life's little bucket dreams. The above picture is from here).

Friday, 4 November 2011

the arrival

I fully regret putting off my work and not doing it sooner. But I just wanted to pop in and share a book I have been obsessing over for the last couple of weeks.

When I bought it for my course, this semester, I begrudged the money on a book I never thought I'd read again. It simply didn't appeal to me--it didn't excite or enthral or even, really, intrigue me. But my, it is beautiful. It is so incredibly skilful and artistic and emotional. And it will sit on my shelf, as one of my favourite books, for a very, very long time.

Did I mention that it's completely wordless?

Breathtaking. So absolutely breathtaking.

You can see more about it--including lots more of its illustrations!--here. And toward the bottom of the page there is a pretty brilliant and insightful article by its (very genius) author, Shaun Tan.