Friday, 1 October 2010

on fridays

This week university started all over again and as a result, it has felt long and busy. (I have further respect for actual grown-ups, who tirelessly get up at the crack of dawn every morning. These 6.30am starts are a strain). But now it is Friday and a relaxing (almost four-day) weekend is ahead.

These are my internet finds of the week.

A little on internet censorship.

My sketchbook came and I am very excited.

A week or so ago I was meant to go to London for the day. Due to sickness* I couldn't go. The very girly silver-lining in all of this, however, is that between then and my future trip, I found that this is close by.

I like the idea of Literary Maps.

And, finally, I am looking forward to this experiment.

*I am sorry, Arnold.

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  1. I love the Literary Maps idea!!! amazing. And I would count 6:30 as the crack of dawn :p