Tuesday, 13 December 2011

(late) gratitude/(early) stress

I stayed up until four o'clock this morning, working on a short story for class.

...and then, when I woke up properly, I scrapped pretty much every word on the page. Or I altered it, somehow. (And so it turns out, 5000 word short stories really aren't my thing).

Tonight, in the shower, I convinced myself I'd missed a deadline.

...and then I double-checked. I hadn't. (And so it turns out, these early morning stresses really aren't my thing).

I have never stressed this much about work and so I can't figure out if I am totally over this whole university thing or deeply, deeply in love with it. But I think having the opportunity at all is a pretty wonderful thing. (I know it is).

As stressful and as frustrating as the last few weeks' have been, they have also been lovely. There has been a lot to write home about, you know. Like the warmest of snuggles and watching Elf with my sister, and last night, having the nicest conversation with a new, dear friend.

It's these things, these little things, that I'm holding pretty close right now.

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  1. This is lovely; its such an uplifting post! You certainly do deal with uni deadlines a lot better than me, that's for sure!

    Ah, 5000 word short stories, I am struggling with that too at the moment. It's such an annoying number to work with. But I should probably take a leaf out of your book and just be thankful for the opportunity to write :)

    Oh and I adore your Christmas tree, you and your man are the cutest!