Sunday, 4 December 2011

scarlet, rosewood, carmine.

Gift-guides are pretty big right now, aren't they?

I love them. I absolutely love them.

So for a few days, in between stressing about impending (self-imposed) deadlines and seeing friends and family, I've toyed with the idea of creating my own. But calling it a gift-guide seemed a little too bold, you know?

So for now I'll call it a (small) collection. A snapshot of the material things I've seen, lately. Organised by colour. (Because I couldn't possibly think of any other way).

So, I give you...

...scarlet, rosewood and carmine.

1.Esme Velvet Cat Slippers. (I might have put these on my Christmas list already).

3. Scottie Clutch bag. (They also do shoes!).

4. Padded Polar Bear tree decoration.

6. Fairisle Cardigan. (I love the little collar!)



  1. I love your gift guide! Those cat slippers are impossibly cute! I hope you get a pair for Christmas :o)

  2. Those cat slippers are fantastic!