Monday, 27 September 2010

friday's finds...

...on Monday.

On Friday I meant to do a little round up of all the interesting things I had found on the internet during the week. Somewhere I got distracted and fast-forwarding two (wonderful)* days is appropriate. Here are my finds for Friday.

This little book mobile is beautiful.

What a brilliant idea!

I found the comments on this article the most revealing when it comes to gay rights in the US forces. And here is the Lady Gaga video that is illuminating it.

The top ten books challenged by parents.

I want one of these.

And now I must return to reading John Locke.

*Two days inside, out of the rain, basking in the comfort of Autumn. Decorating pumpkin gingerbread, icing cupcakes, watching The Labyrinth, cuddling.

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