Wednesday, 29 December 2010

twenty somethings

I believe a lot in the little things--the little things people say or the little things they do; a few hours that you can catch every sensation of during a really, really good day; the feeling of inspiration or of awe just as it dawns (and I truly, truly love that feeling).

I also believe a lot in little, personal accomplishments. Things you are glad, or relieved or truly contented at doing. Because I believe these things - the things that sometimes matter to no-one else but you - are so often the things which change your attitude or alter your mindset. They are the things, the tools, to really filter and sift our pessimism. (And I am guilty of pessimism, and the fear it breeds, all too often).

As this year comes to a close, I thought I'd share twenty things, twenty things which matter to me (and probably nobody else) that I am happy to have achieved this year.

(And because I am twenty - soon to be twenty-one -I also call this list: 20 Things You Have Done Whilst You Are Twenty).

1. Seen Regina Spektor live.
2. Visited Cambridge.
3. Learned to bake (and vowed, always, to keep on learning).
4. Felt old-fashioned and traditional whilst riding a steam-train to an antique shop.
5. Learned to manage time.
6. Gone on a road-trip to York with friends.
7. Bought my first lomo camera (and fallen in love with her).
8. Started a blog.
9. Learned to develop photographs.
10. Bought something vintage.
11. Seen a Shakespeare play live.
12. Read House of Leaves, Mark Danielewski.
13. Realised what I had before it was too late.
14. Helped to organise a surprise birthday party (for my step-dad's eightieth).
15. Swam in the sea (for the first time in years and with friends, which beat the self-conscious).
16. Written the Henry story*, or part of it.
17. Written reviews for Penguin.
18. Learned to dance (the very first, very basic, very tentative steps of)ballroom and latin and jive.
19. Learned to let things go-- just a little bit.
20. Lit lanterns and watched them float over the icy, icy water of my village.

So now I am curious. What little things have you proudly and excitedly accomplished or experienced in 2010? I'd love to hear about them!

*This is a children's story my love and I are collaborating on. It has been a lot of fun and it is, along with this blog, perhaps the most I have written all year.

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