Wednesday, 16 February 2011

kingdom for a horse

I have spent the last two nights at the theatre, and, I have loved it.

It isn't always the talent that I relish most about seeing a theatre company perform---although its existence is always, always valued. It isn't the way they hold their bodies and their persona's so tightly, or the way they bounce language---off the stage, off the audience, off themselves. It isn't even their raw ability to invoke emotion---the way they can have people cower in fear or laugh raucously at their (sometimes improvised) jokes.

It's their passion. It's the way I believe in their absolute devotion to what they do. It's sitting in a room watching a group of people caress their love. And it is a beautiful thing, to be able to watch it. And to listen it. And to live it---to know that these people are blessed enough and talented enough and determined enough to stand up every night and be their absolute dream. And I guess I really, really like witnessing things like that because of the hope it illuminates. The little avenue it opens in people's hearts that somehow, some way, they can be as inspired and as talented and (sometimes) as lucky to do that.

(And to credit them, because they should be credited, Propeller are an amazingly talented company. Tonight they changed a lot about the way I think about Shakespeare---and for that, I am grateful).

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, it's amazing to see people living their dreams. This post was so well-written!! Also I am so glad you know who Hellogoodbye is, I love them!