Friday, 11 February 2011

reading lives

The other day this lovely, lovely lady named me as being one of several bloggers she deemed the most stylish. (There was an image, too, but for some reason technology is completely and utterly failing me right now). It was a nice day and I am grateful. It is so good to know that your words---even if you are not expecting them to, even if you don't, as you write, know who you are declaring them to---are being read and empathised with in some way.

The idea, anyway, is that in being recognised by someone else, you declare seven facts about yourself and then flag up the blogs you, yourself, particularly favour. (You're supposed to nominate fifteen blogs, apparently, but because I like to even up the numbers, I am going to do seven of each, instead).


Me, in numbers.

1. Although I have lived in England for most of my life, I was originally born in Canada. It explains my love of winter, my sometimes off-pronunciation and my penchant for maple syrup.

2. Quite often, I still talk to a bear---mostly when I have had a bad day and often when I can't sleep and Arnold isn't with me. And because of the truth that is in this image, I am perfectly, perfectly okay with it. His name is Benjamin. He is a good little guy with a super heroic heart.

3. I had a fear of holes as a child.

4. My favourite flavour is mint.

5. I obsess over things. Worries and fears, mostly. But a lot of the time, it is also with sheer amazement at people's talent and wisdom.

6. Where I can, I like to collect first-editions of my favourite books or books by my favourite authors. And then refuse to lend them to people---unless they are as like-mindedly anal about book spines or creased corners.

7. Sometimes I like to recite movie lines. My favourites to say are "Do they have large talons?" and "Can you bring me my chapstick?" from Napoleon Dynamite. It doesn't get old.


And here are seven of the lives I read most about.

*Le Love isn't a personal blog, as such, but a collection of people's love-stories. Only they're not really love-stories, they are more like heart-aches. The negatives far outweigh the positive, happily-ever-after love-stories that so many of us aim for. But do you know what? It makes me appreciate love that much more. It makes me yearn for the happily-ever-after, and, I'm sure, will make me treasure it more, right through 'til the end.


  1. I love your answers!! Scared of holes made me laugh, it's much more interesting than spiders etc.
    Hahaha reciting lines from napoleon dynamite is the best!