Thursday, 18 August 2011


Every year, this seaside town hosts a carnival--a proper one, gaudy floats and all. It's kind of a tradition--you know, an unspoken one: nothing more than an assumption, really--to group together and go. We know, every year, that we'll never see the floats through the crowd or that, in the end, twelve year olds will find their alcohol and fight (the things I simply, simply don't understand are endless), but we wouldn't miss it for the world. Mostly, it's about community and it is so, so nice to see that spirit--a little, sleepy town coming together for a week-long event. (I think the whole of the town just might come out for Bingo--and no, sadly we didn't win this year. We didn't win any of the eighty-eight raffle prizes, either...)

I brought my camera, but forgot its memory, so a few Instagram's will just have to do.

It feels so good to have friends home, again--and even if they're here for just a short, short while--I'm glad our tradition was upheld for another year.


  1. Instagram is fun and I love these pics - glad you enjoyed! :-)

  2. Fantastic photos! You have quite a talent, I love when you post them :) The carnival sounds amazing! What a lovely community thing to do. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!