Monday, 8 August 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #23.

Own a bakery.

Along with writing a book and becoming a mother, this kind of tops my bucket-list.

Since I started baking a couple of years ago, it is all I often dream about. I love literature and the idea of pursuing it as a career, but, these days my thoughts swing towards those homely aromas and little dainty swirls just as frequently. I scour books and blogs for inspiration--I lust after vacant retail spaces (even though I know it is such a long way off--that new skills need to be learned and old ones refined and perfected again and again). But sometimes--just sometimes--it's the thought of that space I will one day design (colour, tradition and vintage china) with the sweets and pastries and cakes I will one day create that keeps me going.

Is it wrong to dream like that? And to dream like that of many, many things? I don't believe so. I never have.

I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by Someday Hopes, a blog that focuses on two (wonderful) ladies' future dreams. The bakery trays photographed appeared here.

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  1. oh I love this post! I would love to one day run a little cafe/bookstore with my partner. I love making these lists... of hopes and dreams. I think it reminds us of who we really are, deep deep down.
    as you saw in my last blog post - I'm the same way in that I dream of many many things... and I am absolutely resolved to acheive those dreams.