Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I don't feel I've posted much other than lists, lately. But it's late on a Tuesday night and things feel a little stressful and a little stretched--and, frankly, why break this little trend of mine right now?

So things that are bringing comfort to me this week are:

dinner out with friends
(because it's nice to giggle at the little things and the snippets we have shared)

kitty cuddles
(because this little girl fell asleep on my lap last week, and I cannot wait to see her soon)

woolly jumpers and thick coats
(because they are making me feel so cosy in these early morning winds)

moleskine notebooks
(because they make organising effortless)

(because having so many and so much might be terrifying, but my, I am grateful for it)

friendship in and of itself
(because spying two old men meeting for the first time, in kindness, warms the very fibre of my heart)


moments of clarity
(because they might be few and far between--but when they come, they make breath reach deeper into my lungs)

Where are you turning to for reassurance, this week?

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