Sunday, 2 October 2011

a little round up

This past week was hard and I don't really know why. Old things--old pains, really--seemed to ebb their way back in. And what I was meant and hoped and wished to do became marred and tinged.

So it felt better and restorative and somehow cleansing to have a happier weekend--to end the week on a much higher plane. It included seeing Jane Eyre with some beloved friends; pottering about the house with Mr Arnold; and, perhaps most constructively, abandoning uni work to dedicate an afternoon to baking.

(I made my best Victoria Sponge, to date. I'd say that was a pretty good day).

Fingers crossed for a better week, this week. And that I might, just might, bond with my new classes.

1 comment:

  1. Fingers are crossed for you! This looks delicious, I also baked this weekend.
    Hope I can see 'Jane Eyre' as soon as possible!