Monday, 15 November 2010

on bookshelves

The first thing I usually notice about other people's homes (or offices) is their bookshelf.

I like to see what they are made of and how they are shaped just by the titles that rest atop their lines.

I would be a very, very happy lady if my study ever looked half as pretty as this one.

It's a shame I am not so adept at tidying and keeping trim the room I do have now.

(Photograph courtesy of Bookshelf Porn).


  1. I envy people with such pretty study's. I have books all over my house. It seems I cant get out of a bookstore without a couple more!

  2. Thank you sooooo much for commenting on my blog! I get very happy when I know people are reading it! I have only run into the deer once, and it was amazing!!!

  3. i'm with you, i love seeing what books people have and how they're arranged. swoon--this picture is just stunning.