Thursday, 11 November 2010

on needing help

I need your help.

For Christmas this year, I am planning to make my second family a Christmas cake (sponge instead of fruit but similarly festive) but someone suggested that I add to this and make a sort of hamper out of it - basically bake 'til my heart is content.*

If you were receiving a family hamper (parents and adult children), what would you like to see inside?

*And with hopefully fewer catastrophes than the Hallow'een Extravaganza I tried a few weeks ago. I sometimes forget that not everyone has the stomach for the cake-to-icing ratio that I favour. I sure love baking, though!


  1. oh goodness, i'm getting so excited for christmas. but even more for thanksgiving because i get to go away. oh sigh. love, love.

  2. Sadly I don't get a thanksgiving - which is a shame because I have always wondered what they are like! I hope you have a wonderful time though! Where are you going to?