Thursday, 9 June 2011

book club

In a couple of weeks time, Kaylia and I will be having a cup of tea and discussing this book. (Go see Kaylia's blog, by the way. She is so very, very lovely).

The only problem is that we live in two, separate continents. (Quite a large problem, really).

So we decided we would set up a little online space--a book club where we could meet and discuss those very same ideas without being in the same room.

The space at the moment is a little haphazard--a lot of design needs so desperately to be teased out. But we will get there--then we will sit back and talk. It would be so very, very lovely to see you there.


  1. hi becky! im eleanor, i found you through kaylia as we follow each others blogs. have joined your book club and following your blog. i love to read also, i studied english at uni too. im also a fellow brit!
    come and follow me at
    with love

  2. i love this book club in real life isn't working with my schedule. i'd be curious to see how you'll exchange ideas! :)

  3. Oh what a great idea and The Book Thief is a fantastic book to start with.