Thursday, 30 June 2011

a spiralling sort of day

Today started off--and ended--badly.

(It started with a job interview. A job interview which involved me tripping--and falling--ungracefully on the stairs. Did I mention that it was in front of--and between--the other candidates and boss? It was not my finest moment).

But the thing is, today became less and less about those moments and more, much more, about historical lanes, pots of tea and a very, very beautiful friend. (Her name is Holly. And she is the complete package when it comes to beauty--in my eyes, at least).

We study in the same city, Holly and I. And yet we hardly ever see eachother (and no, I'm not quite sure why). So today we had a long catch-up--and we drank all kinds of different tea. (Black Vanilla tastes a lot like cupcakes--a little too much like cupcakes. And that is something I never thought my sweet-tooth would say). We walked along the river, we reminisced about our respective Parisian getaways, and got stuck, right in the eye of a storm.

But most of all? We laughed.

And because of that, I want more days like it--days that can be turned around by so very simple things. (Not so much the embarrassment, though. That can go).


  1. oh lord i love this! tripping, tea, and getting caught in the rain! yes, more of that in my life please.

    i've been meaning to tell you there was a comment you left a little while back (i need to scroll through and find it) and you talked about the musicality of my language and i thought: YES, SHE GETS IT!! This CHICK GETS IT!!! it might just be the best comment i've ever gotten. so thank you for that. a million times over, thank you for all your lovely and wonderful comments.

  2. It sounds like such a beautiful day. Any day filled with laughter is magical. Sorry about the tripping though, ouch! Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll have to check it out :)

  3. Aww, yes. A bad day can be an opportunity!