Wednesday, 8 June 2011

by the (tackiest) sea

Whilst I will never profess myself to be a good photographer, I am feeling more and more comfortable behind a lens lately (you just might have guessed already).

So I spent a lot of today, a day out with friends, photographing the little things that make seaside towns tick--the sea, the sand, the (clouded over) sun. The smaller details, I suppose, are where I find my interest--a sentiment that is true in front of any lens of life. I like individual words and subtle movements and isolated memories and strands--mere strands--of inspiration. I look at things less in the sum of their parts and more, so much more, at those very (individual) parts. Because in them I find detail and beauty and care--I find the intricacy of lives so often overlooked.

Today, these snapshots were a lot less profound. They were just parts of a day spent in the tackiest English town I ever did know.

But beneath the creases of that dress and the single grains of sand are the signs of a day spent relaxing. And it was rare--rare in so very many ways.


  1. I'm so glad you had such a nice, relaxing day :) You're quite the photographer! You don't give yourself enough credit, so I shall do it for you :)

  2. I love your beach pictures - the gray sky and stripes reminds me of the beach scene from Sweeney Todd :)