Monday, 13 June 2011

a two-week recap

My Monday morning meetings--you know, where I talk and talk and talk about these sorts of things--often feel a lot like this.

And as comforting and empathic and understanding as those rocks may be--they offer a lot of height to climb (and to fall from).

This week, though, felt better than the last. There were a few more realisations--and with them, a little progression. I am understanding, more and more, the cycle of my thoughts: the emotions I pin to words and the words I (often incorrectly) couple. It's a slow process but it is a process. It is not the stagnation I was once feeling. And that, right now, is enough for me.

(The image is a print found in this Etsy shop. I am increasingly fond of watercolours).

*The blog is looking a little altered today--and I do not think for the better. That love of mine is working on a new layout for me. It'll be here soon!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that they are going well! It is scary, especially at first, but I think you have the balancing part down pat :)Also I love your post below! I would love to do that again. I tried on my honeymoon, I even lined up for 15 minutes..but then they told me I was too big :(