Tuesday, 14 June 2011

this is thanks

D'you know what I love?

Days with Dad.

We spent the morning researching his family tree--tracing lines and lines of lineage and matching dates to repetitive names. And in the afternoon--in the warm, warm sun and teasing breeze--we took a walk. It was nice to see him look at our street with a renewed interest and respect, where the still quiet fuelled our content.

He is such a brilliant, brilliant man. I could not be luckier--or, for that matter, more grateful for days like today.


  1. Sounds like a good day! Genealogy is fun :)

  2. what a sweet post.

    i adore my dad as well - one of my favorite things is when we go out to get icecream late at night, in his old little red car, and we sit there and talk. got to love the little moments.

  3. awww what a sweet post. I'm jealous. My dad broke my heart when he decided to leave my family. You are very lucky to have an awesome dad. I may not have been blessed with a wonderful dad but I am very lucky to have a mom who's been both the mom and father in my life. =)