Friday, 15 April 2011


How beautiful is this photograph?

It was taken over a period of six months using a pin-hole camera and is something I definitely want to try for myself someday soon.

I will try and scan in some of my own (old) Diana's/Sidney's this weekend---sadly, I haven't been out and about very much with them lately.

*Have I introduced you to Sidney? Arnold gave him to me back at Christmas---he's a fisheye. (And thus named after one of my former pets).


  1. That is so beautiful!! I've been catching up on your blog, I love how happy you sound :) That's so great that you're studying for you, it shows that you are definitely following the path that is right for you. And that's so exciting that you're looking in hotels! When do you think you'll be going? I wish I lived in Europe, the plane ticket over is a killer!

  2. six months?! how is that even possible. holy heck though, its beautiful.