Monday, 18 April 2011

the weekend

This weekend was proof that falling in love with your best friend really is the most wonderful thing.

Running through fields, being wrestled to the ground (to evade an imaginary crisis), tickling, sitting in the sun, spying on Nessie, watching kids' films, being silly when we're tired, going out to lunch (when we really can't afford to), trying on hats and taking photographs.

Yes, falling in love with your best friend is a really wonderful thing.

*I also went to the library. It took me a lot of courage (and getting over my pride) to announce to the assistant that I actually might have maybe sort of lost my library card. That's right, the one I have had since I was about six---the one that I was so young to have that my mum, in fact, signed it. But it's okay---because if I do find it, she said I could keep it for sentimentality---and probably posterity. And then she handed me a brand new one---a blue one---and didn't charge. I think she could tell that this was quite a big deal. I take my libraries---and my books, in case you didn't already know, very seriously.

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