Tuesday, 5 April 2011

little letters/something new

I get inspired by other blogs a lot. They make me want to do things and write things and be. And today, well, I want to write a few letters like this lady---I am all up for trying something new. (And yes, they might be trivial).

Dear second-year,
I am pretty sure we're through. You have taught me a lot about deadlines and about libraries that I didn't quite think there was to know. You have been draining and you have been terrifying, forcing me to realise how little there is left of this stalling thing called student-life. But, but you've also been inspiring and, in spite of my complaints and my mopes and my sighs, I really, really need to thank you for that.

Dear stomach (and calves and back),
I am sorry I am so insistent that I do my stretches---the ones Arnold always tells me will be good for me---so late at night, in the shower. I sometimes forget that I've only just eaten and that you don't like to be pulled in that way.

Dear Dad,
I am sorry I don't call you Dad enough---I guess it is because, for sixteen years, I have called you by your first name---the name I was introduced to you with. But this doesn't mean I think of you as any less of a dad---you have taken on that role, that role that wasn't originally meant for you, with dedication and love and generosity. And frankly, there isn't a luckier girl in the world.

Dear worries and fears and anxieties,
I think I have to let you go---for good. And I know it won't be easy, but I will try and try again.

Dear Flaubert,
You know, you really do write wonderfully and I have to say those five painstaking years it took to deliberate over every line of Madame Bovary was absolutely worth it. I am sorry I couldn't quite do you the justice you deserved in my assignment this week---but I sure did feel every beautiful word.

Dear free-time,
I hope I will be seeing much more of you---we have a lot of plans to make up for.

Dear Mad Men,
Thankyou for gracing my screen for the last few months. You are the epitome of style and I really, really, really would like to raid your wardrobes.


Do you have any letters---trivial or not---that you would like to write?

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  1. This is great! The one to your dad was so sweet :)
    My one would read:

    Dear car,
    thank you for being fixable.
    Love Kaylia