Thursday, 31 March 2011

advice, please?

I am in a work related predicament. I am almost out of a job. Almost---so few hours can be handed to me, right now. And, well, I have seen pretty much the same job advertised again---that is: a job that involves the same sorts of things, but for a different, competitive company. And it is that, that competition, that means I very almost don't have a job. So what do I do? Do I apply, possibly deserting just before the end? Or do I wait? Wait a little longer until I see something else?*

*See something else in the long string of jobs that are simply few and far between. I am a student looking for out-of-semester work at exactly the same time as other students.


  1. I say apply for it, but also apply for other jobs that you see :)

  2. I would apply. It sounds like a good opportunity and you already have experience doing that type of work.