Saturday, 19 March 2011

i'd like to, please

I believe a lot in hopes, dreams and spending every day in striving for them. They don't have to be big---they simply have to make you happy.

I am always inspired by this wonderful blog, and (with a conscious effort not to plagiarise) I thought it might be fun to periodically share a few of my hopes---because I clearly don't do that enough.

So. Hope #1.*

I hope one day to have a dine-in-library. A big, oak eating table surrounded by a dark brood of shelves. And I want them to be full of the books that have stolen my heart---those books that truly mean something and the books that have taught me the most about life. I want to host dinner parties in their company---the perfect talking point for no-doubt like-minded friends.

But most of all, I want mine to rest beside his.

(Image courtesy of Habitually Chic).

*In no particular order. Just hopes for when the mood strikes.

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