Monday, 7 March 2011

pretty little wrists

Is it terribly superficial of me to say that I am a little smitten over this bracelet*? I don't mean in love---no, not that---just smitten. It is a thing of whimsy, you see, and a little collection of the things I like. Only, immortalised in miniature. And it's a little tacky, too. I like it. And if I was into buying things right now---into buying new things that I don't really need---I probably would. The fact that I'm not doesn't mean I can't look at it, though.

(Courtesy of Accessorize).

*Does anybody know a sure-fire way of securing charms? I have a charm bracelet that my mother gave me but I am always, always too scared to wear it. I'd like to get it out again.

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