Friday, 11 March 2011

friday finds...

This week has ended with compassion and with thought for a fallen country. I have heard many people remark on the almost lacklustre effect prayer or thought can have when financial or medicinal aid is so desperately sought. Yet I am not of that belief. I believe that as much as that is needed---and it truly is---thought and prayer is almost just as necessary: it seals the Earth's cracks and settles its souls. I am not of an organised religion---and I hope that isn't too contentious a remark to write so publicly---but I will be spending much of tonight praying---on my own terms, in my own way---for those affected by the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Here are a few---incomparably trivial things---from around this week.

I have been listening to this song and this song a lot.

A thought-provoking article on the way the media portrays a sensitive subject.

Nickelodeon appeals to my nature as a '90s child (who spent a lot of time watching American television---and often references such too often in everyday life).

A clever little thing on publishing and its future.

A collection of musical theatre stamps!

I am crossing my fingers for many things this weekend---and am especially hoping for the health of the world.


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  1. Definitely sending lots of prayers and good thoughts to Japan.

    And I'm trying to figure out the best way to donate to the relief fund. Every little bit helps!