Tuesday, 22 March 2011

touch of the hand

I can't lie anymore. Sometimes, just sometimes, I judge books by how they feel.

And yet, I like books of all feelings---of all shapes, of all sizes, of all page-consistencies. I couldn't possibly describe how they are supposed to feel, the boxes they must tick before I nestle them beside each-other on a shelf---or better yet, nestle them in the space between my thumbs. Some books, they just feel right. They feel nice to hold---not too big---and nice to thumb through---pages just the right thickness, just the right amount of pulp. It doesn't matter if they are second-hand---sometimes that's better, that smell of old-age wealth and wisdom. It doesn't matter if they are hard-back, either---although they only usually catch my eye if they are adorned, nicely, with a gilt cover.

But Penguin's Popular Classics (in green) are some of my favourites right now. They tick all the boxes---and they fit my student budget (although I probably never properly budget, not when it comes to books).

(Find them at Amazon).

And that last one, The Portrait Of A Lady, is the one I'm reading now.

What are you reading, right now?

1 comment:

  1. I know exactly what you mean! That's why I always go for Penguin Books, they feel so perfect :) I haven't seen the green ones before though, they look great!
    How is The Portrait of a Lady? I have always wanted to read it. I'm reading Bleak House at the moment, it's great! So many crazy characters :) xoxo