Tuesday, 17 May 2011

because there really is a tea in tuesday

I don't think I've ever spent a day drinking quite so much tea as I did today. But when it's served in such pretty, pretty cups, what is a girl to do (but just that)?

I think I've found inspiration again---for that bistro-come-bakery I will one day open (the important things, can't you tell?). I will have bunting. And mismatched cups, with their saucers. And cake stands. And floorboards. And wood.

Today just confirmed that---it was many of my favourite things rolled into one. (Only he was missing at the end of the day---but, you see, he's quite an important thing to be missing).

But to top it off, a little girl told me the world was beautiful (as she pressed her cheek, her nose, her forehead close to the glass of the train's window). And it is, you know. It is. And fingers crossed it will stay that way. Fingers crossed so tightly.

*I couldn't decide which of my photos I liked the most---the originals or the Poladroids. But I think I like the cleanliness of these, the latter, more.

**I have my eye on that Dickens teapot---it is beautiful. But it is also quite, quite horrendous. I haven't seen a thing like that in a very long time but boy, oh boy, does it appeal to my literary-loving, tea-drinking tastes.


  1. What a wonderful post! I love how positive it is :) The little girl sounds so sweet! Ahh, beautiful teacups are my own true love :) Great photos!

  2. when you open that shop...i'll be there. i love these photos--i want to hang that bunting from the ceiling of my room right now!

  3. Awwww... dream big sweetie. "When your ambition is higher than the mountains and your commitment is deeper than the sea, surely your future will be brighter than the sun". I am dreaming for something too, I'm working on it, I still have a long way to go but someday, someday I'll have what I'm working for. Good luck with that dream shop of yours. =)

  4. Lovely! Are you truly considering opening your own bakery or tea shop? I've thought about it before but have NO business background so for me it's just a light fantasy. If you think you could run and manage it (or learn how) then you should!

    In my town, (you could call it a college town) we have a place called Earth and Tea Cafe. Half their menu is made up of teas. They're more of an "earthy" place and it's so affordable that college students are in there all the time. We also have a tea house which is more upscale I guess you could say.

    I love tea and I love this post. It looks beautiful, relaxing, and as if it came straight out of a novel.

    Looks like a lovely time!