Monday, 16 May 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #14.

Make my children their own stuffed animals.

Because these things simply couldn't be any cuter. And neither could an animal---or a doll---sewn by my own hands---missed stitches and all. They'd each have a name and a set of clothes and a personality. And they would be treasured and squeezed and a huge part of bed-time stories---you know, those impromptu ones: the ones not from a book?

They would also be cordially invited to every single tea-party.

(I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by this beautiful blog---Someday Hopes---and the above image of Fox Jr (who really, really is very beautiful) is from here).

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  1. Aww cute!!! My cousin used to make the most adorable stuffed animals, I was always so jealous of that!