Thursday, 5 May 2011

on explaining a little

I guess you could say this is how I feel about this little space I have going on here.

"It is the museum of reminders that life has been good."

And maybe few will find grandeur in that---but I certainly do---and, well, I find hope. Because at a time when I am reminded over and over again of our mortality (and I simply, simply, don't know why---it's this fearing thing, I suppose. This thing I keep returning to---then worrying for---then evaluating), I really hope this little space grows and grows over years---becomes packed with the things I have done, seen, felt, created, remembered and loved.

And that last one---that love---is the real grandeur---and the real, real explanation for it all.

(Quotation from Lynne Bertrand, via The Scrapbook Lady).


  1. Beautiful! I know what you're saying. I have another blog that I've been using for over two years that's more of a personal/diary feel and I can go back any time and look at good things (and some of the bad) that's happened. I love when I find a post about something I've forgotten about that made me so happy!

    I'm sure it will become a wonderful space for you filled with happy memories and new friends through the blogging community!

  2. Oh I feel exactly the same!! I find that blogs are so much better than diaries. Because diaries are filled with the trivialities of life, at least mine was; things that were important at the time but I could care less about now. Whereas with blogs, it's more about snapshots of our life. The things we went to keep. The things we want to remember.

    Your post below is fantastic by the way, what a wonderful feeling. It's amazing, how moments like that can last a lifetime.