Tuesday, 3 May 2011

dreaming to distraction

Today I am trying hard to let go of my fears---and it is funny that, isn't it? that following the day hailed to make us safer I am feeling just as unsettled and unnerved by the world around us. So attention has turned to the future---to the dreams I keep stacked up in my head and in my heart---to the visions of growth, prosperity and contentment. Yet I find in these things fears themselves: they are reminders of all that there is to be lost---reminders of lost loves and scattered dreams. I don't want to put too much faith in these things---too much love---(for fear and fear itself) but I don't want to stop feeling or living or being. That, I know, would be the greater destructor.

To dream, I think, might be the only answer.

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  1. Sometimes things scare me (am I on the right career path? <- big one for me now)....but I know that it will all work itself out in the future. As a worrier I'm not always good at living in the moment but that's when I think it's important to have friends/family that view things a little differently from us. My fiance always reminds me not to worry and it gets easier when I see things the way he does.

    I think dreaming is good. It gives us ideas and inspiration and allows us to see life as we truly want to live it. Dreaming will help us aspire to be better people and to live better lives, so I say dream on!

  2. You have such brilliant writing, I love how it gets better and better with each post. Good on you for deciding to let go of your fears, it takes time but I know you can do it :)
    Never stop dreaming though, as strange as it sounds it's one of my favourite things about living!