Monday, 23 May 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #15.

This little hope is probably a lot easier to accomplish.

It is, quite simply, to drink more tea.

I barely drink a cup a day---regrettably, of course.

(I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by this blog here. The above picture is taken from this tea-appreciation tumblr).


  1. I love this! One cup a day? You absolutely need to drink more!! Also the Alice in Wonderland ball sounds amazing, you have the coolest life :)

  2. Lately, especially since the weather has been warmer... I've been loving green tea. Celestial seasonings makes a great one called Honey Lemon Ginseng green tea! It is delicious, and I love how I don't need to add any honey to it for it to taste great.