Wednesday, 18 May 2011

new shoes?

No, not quite.

Well, almost.

Well, possibly---if they fit and I fall in love with them when they arrive.

You see, I was in the market for a new pair of shoes for a wedding I am (extremely) excited to be going to later on in the year*. And when I saw that they did shoes similar to these...

...with scottie dogs and stitching and a whole lot of colour? Well---much like the tea yesterday---I simply couldn't resist.

But I can't lie: there is a little bit of guilt attached to them---and usually it comes, fast, with the realisation that job interviews are difficult and I am simply, simply not conjuring much success.** Fingers might need to be crossed for that, too...

But I wanted to share them, just in case. Just in case, I don't quite keep them.

*One of my closest university friends is getting married to a gentle giant of a man---a man who moved one side of the country to another, just for her. I will be so happy to watch their lovely day unfold---and it will be my first wedding as a friend and not family. Rumour has it, too, that there will be a sweet buffet and vintage china...

**Kaylia, the other day, blogged about being a grown up. Things like this make me realise just how young, naive and (potentially) irresponsible I can be.

(Beautiful, beautiful shoes courtesy of Irregular Choice).


  1. screw being grown up. if you like the shoes, wear them. they are adorable.

  2. I love the shoes!!! Don't feel guilty, we all need to spend our money on things like this now and then. Or always :)
    And everyone is young, naive and irresponsible at heart; at least all the people I know. Including my parents!

  3. i agree with rebecca. who needs to be a grown up? i love the shoes. and i love your friend's love story.

  4. I'll wish you luck on the job interviews. It is hard now, trying to find a job....

    But while money doesn't bring happiness it sure does bring some cute clothes and accessories. Don't sweat the shoes. Sometimes when we're in a down time we just need to treat ourselves (my weakness it eating out). If they fit you well then wear them out and every time you wear them think about your goals in your career.

    They're very cute by the way! I'm terrible at picking out shoes and I hate sitting in a store and trying them on. Wish you could take me shopping!