Monday, 2 May 2011

i'd like to, please

Hope #12.

Make macarons.

Everyone I know who has tried making them has failed---they end up a congealed, flat mess of food colouring.

But I am determined to make a stack of these pretty things---along with all of those other little treats I am slowly building up a catalogue of making.

[My I'd Like To, Please posts are inspired by Someday Hopes (oh, it is a wonderful blogging nook of hopes and dreams!) and the above photo I got from here].


  1. This is on my list too! I'd love to try it. Maybe we could challenge each other to make an attempt by a certain time? I could use some motivation for making these little lovelies.

  2. okay, these are ADORABLE... Im not going to lie, I see picture all of the time of them, but Ive NEVER had one!!! I need to jump on the band wagon!!!