Sunday, 1 May 2011

hitched without a hitch

I spent much of the weekend basking in the beauty that was Friday.

Wasn't it beautiful?

I had started feeling a little complacent about it, to begin with---but as I started watching it---as I got the first glimpse of the dress and the slow procession down the aisle and saw the little, snatched moments of conversation? Oh, I fell in love with it all---with the excitement and the beauty of its commitment---then the sudden realisation that it was a much bigger thing: it was not just the union of two people but the welcoming of one woman into a very important family. And with that: something I am not so used to seeing. The humanity of royalty---the absolute passion and devotion on their faces, the way you could see William forgetting it all---the people, the prestige, the persona---and just wanting to stare at his beautiful bride through the vows and the readings and on the balcony.

And this---this is by far my favourite photograph: there is such tenderness in it. And that little girl in the corner cannot be ignored...

Oh! And the dress! It was nothing like I expected---but absolutely to Kate's credit. It was so traditional, so flattering and so unbelievably stunning.

(Picture courtesy of NPR).

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  1. Thank you for your comment, you made me feel so much better about it all :) You're so lovely! I watched part of the wedding, it was so beautiful. Her dress was amazing, the lace is so pretty!